Getting Conversations Started in Your Family

Tips for Improving Family CommunicationWhen we tell most people that we get families talking, we sometimes here groans and moans and often people telling us they have no time to have real conversations, what with all the things to do.

Talking to your children does not have to be complicated. All you need to start the conversation is just ask a question; any spare minute will do.


Tips for getting the conversation started:

  • Don’t make the conversation a big thing; use everyday moments, like the school run or meal times to start conversations by asking a question.
  • Don’t react to their answers even if you don’t agree, just nod, express your interest and ask another question.
  • Do make it a two-way conversation. Answer the questions yourself – don’t expect your teen to be the only one talking.
  • A lecture is not a conversation; don’t just give them the information, ask them what they know and what they think.
  • Make it fun; conversation is supposed to be enjoyable. Just because the subject is heavy does not mean the conversation has to be.


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Sarah Newton one part of the Family Communication Duo is a eclectic mix of sensitivity, wonder, common sense, wisdom and humour. Known affectionately as the Family Peacemaker Sarah's work spanning over 14 years has seen her on 13 TV stations, 60 different radio stations and has received extensive newspaper and magazine coverage. Called Bubbles by her friends Sarah's day job is Youth Expert, Family Peacemaker, Thought Leader, Blogger, ( Author, Entrepreneur, geek and crazy chic all rolled into one. The Rest of the time she is a happy mum, loving wife, adventurer and closet 50's Diva. Oh and she also fancies herself as a bit of a Dance floor Diva!

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