Talking to Strangers

Can you start a conversation with a stranger?

I am OK with this. I can do it but I used to feel a freak for starting random conversations with strangers, that was until I watched this Tedx Talk by Danny Harris.

Danny talks about the importance of starting conversations with strangers and how a project he started called Peoples District transformed his life.

He realised that he lived in a city where he didn’t know his neighbours and he wasn’t connected to his community so he made a commitment to interview a stranger everyday and tell their story in their own words.

He set out to meet the people of his city one person at a time.

Something that Danny mentioned that resonated with me was when he talked about conversations desserts, which are places where you stand next to people in silence, like a bus stop or elevator. He put talking prompts in these places and suggested that people just needed a spark to start the conversation. This is something that I believe too, it is the reason why I started Fink. I believe that we are hard wired for connection and that our lives are richer for it. Starting these conversation can be tricky to start but sometimes we just need one question to get the conversation started.

Please take some time to watch the video, he makes some great points. You can find our more about People’s District on facebook







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Lisa Warner

Founder at Fink Cards
Lisa Warner, one part of the Family Communication Duo, is an energetic and passionate ball of energy, whose excitement and enthusiasm know no bounds. Her drive and belief in doing the impossible has been rewarded when her mission to get families talking led her to found the incredibly successful Fink Cards and won her the title of Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Her contagious positive outlook regularly see her appearing on the radio, in newspapers and magazines where she will happily talk about the importance of good family communication. The entrepreneur, activist and energizer proudest achievement to date is creating a strong and happy marriage and raising 4 confident and sociable teenagers.

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