Talking To Children About Divorce

Sue Atkins will publish two new conversation card decks to help children and families talk about Divorce.

Divorce and Children

Sue Atkins, an internationally recognised Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker & Author, will write a series of Fink Cards that can be used by parents, childminders, teachers and counsellors to keep the lines of communication open and help children to explore and express their feelings openly when their parents are going through a divorce.

I am delighted to be working with Sue to bring her unique insights into helping children and families cope with Divorce!

Sue says “For children, divorce can be a stressful, sad and confusing time. At any age, children may feel uncertain or angry at the prospect of Mum and Dad splitting up but by using Fink Cards and keeping the lines of communication open children will be able to explore and express their feelings openly, which will help them adjust, become more resilient & feel much happier.”

There are two new packs planned, Talking to Children About Divorce, will feature 48 questions to help start conversations about the changes that families face when going through a divorce, and Questions I Would Like To Ask About Divorce, will contain 20 key questions that will enable children to address their most compelling concerns. The cards will be published in March 2015.

To find out more about Sue, you can visit her author profile or alternatively visit her site

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Lisa Warner

Founder at Fink Cards
Lisa Warner, one part of the Family Communication Duo, is an energetic and passionate ball of energy, whose excitement and enthusiasm know no bounds. Her drive and belief in doing the impossible has been rewarded when her mission to get families talking led her to found the incredibly successful Fink Cards and won her the title of Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Her contagious positive outlook regularly see her appearing on the radio, in newspapers and magazines where she will happily talk about the importance of good family communication. The entrepreneur, activist and energizer proudest achievement to date is creating a strong and happy marriage and raising 4 confident and sociable teenagers.

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