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Talking to Strangers

Can you start a conversation with a stranger?

I am OK with this. I can do it but I used to feel a freak for starting random conversations with strangers, that was until I watched this Tedx Talk by Danny Harris. Read more

delighted to have discovered Fink Cards

We are so delighted to have discovered Fink Cards.. the other day we had a tea party with a bunch of teenagers who all suddenly found their when we got out our Fink Cards, their parents saw a whole new side to them.

Els Jolly, Dorset

so much fun with these cards

“We have had so much fun with these cards and all learnt new stuff about each other.”

“They have been a brilliant way of getting kids to want to sit and eat their tea. Sophie has taken to them so so much she wants to play them with her friends too.

They have made all of us get involved in talking to each other – such a simple idea but works fantastic. I would recommend these for all ages most definitely.

My mum asked if she can borrow them at Christmas as it would be brilliant fun with lots of us!”

Sharon Mum of 3

We saw a whole new side to our teenagers

What a clever idea!

The questions are simple and direct; the topics are thought-provoking, challenging and, most importantly, relevant.

There are no right or wrong answers. This is a really good way of raising important and diverse issues without being preachy or heavy handed.

My two teenagers enjoyed going through the questions together on their own, too, and comparing views. I think it is so important that teenagers, naturally feeling anxious and isolated, are aware that we parents acknowledge the difficulties they face and are willing to listen (without causing them too much embarrassment).

These are brilliant aids for anyone involved with groups of young people – schools, youth clubs, churches – as well as great fun for families with teenagers.

We have an autistic teenaged son and these cards got a really good response from him – he finds it difficult to maintain a topic, not of his choosing, for very long but he found this a good way to help focus his thoughts and express his views on a range of subjects.

Tester for www.asteens.co.uk

cheerful, friendly and simple

“These cards are cheerful, friendly and simple – an excellent way to bridge the generation gap without letting the adults hog the conversation. I am a language tutor and have translated these for use in my class as a prompt and to stimulate conversational skills. An excellent tool for those learning English as a second language too. We have an autistic teenager, and our family mealtimes can be fraught – these cards have been useful in allowing conversation to take place in “bite-size” controlled elements which my son can cope with and also encourage him to accept other people’s input into the conversation. They have given us a lot of laughs too.

Tester for www.asteens.co.uk

entertaining even if you don’t take them seriously

“This is one of those products that you look at and say, “Well that would be easy to make myself.” It is true. A set of cards, each with one question on it – but the design and packaging of Fink cards add something much more to it.

Bright colours, clear writing, and some nice accompanying thoughts and ideas from Lisa have made this an attractive product that would be one of those great gifts for anyone, as well as your own family.

Some of the questions use words that were new to our six-year-old, so it was an opportunity to teach her some new vocabulary, and she proves that the cards are entertaining even if you don’t take them seriously. (I won’t bore you with how many answers contained the word “fart”, followed by giggles.)”


Highly recommended

“The cards are colourful and sturdy and come with clear instructions. Questions are varied from ‘What was your favourite childhood story book and why?’ to ‘Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a long time?’  Read more

Any family would want them in their home

Review of Fink CardsFink Cards are some of the most exciting and creative ideas I’ve ever seen to stimulate family conversation and connection. Read more

so much fun that they can’t wait for dinner time!

“We’ve had these cards for a little while now, Zareenah and Ziyad aged 9 and 8 have found these cards to be so much fun that they can’t wait for dinner time! 

Some of the questions bring so much back from my childhood and the kids find it so interesting to learn about things from our past. Read more

Family Agreements

Coming to agreements when everyone wants something different.

 I took a couple of books with me on my holiday, and one that really blew me away was Edward de Bono’s Beautiful Mind.

The 6 hats principle blew my mind! It is a process of parallel thinking that has been developed by de Bono that provides an alternative to the ego and aggression of argument. Read more

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