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Does your child struggle to make friends? Healthy Friendships gets a mentions in The Telegraph

The-Daily-Telegraph-01Fink got a mention in a great article in The Telegraph today. 

The article is about children’s friendships and makes some great points.

From the article – 

Psychologist Emma Citron believes it would help if all children were taught more about friendship…

‘It’s true that some children pick up social skills just like anything else, like spelling. Some need to have unpacked and explained in order for them to get it. I would love to see more friendship education in schools.’

“it’s always been assumed that making friends is just something youngsters have to learn to do by themselves. However, a ground-breaking approach from the US is treating social difficulties in the playground in the same way as any other learning difficulty.”


The article makes some very good points about how children learn about friendships and what we can parents can do to help. In the article Tanith Carey gives parents 4 tips on how to help their children make friends. I am delighted to see she suggested Healthy Friendship Fink Cards. 


Talk about friendship: The shrinking of today’s playtime, excessive after school activities and screen time are two means many children are missing out on ‘friendship practice’. In response, Becky Goddard-Hill, a trained psychotherapist, created Fink Friendship cards  (finkcards.co.uk). 

You can read the full article here, and you can find out more about Healthy Friendships here

Healthy Friendships


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