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Family Mealtimes

Getting Families Talking at Mealtimes

I am moving house and uncovering all sorts of treasure as we clear out and pack up. This week, hidden in the shed, I uncovered a disc of some filming I did way back in 2009 when I first started Fink. It was wonderful to watch the footage again and to be reminded how we started out. 

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Thoughts from Fink Africa

Abi and Uzo Fink AfricaFink Africa

In this post, Abi Adeyanju and Uzo Ijewere from Fink Africa share 7 tips for parents to help their children develop resilience to inevitable life experiences.   


Parents whose children have been through the secondary system would probably agree with me that the emotional and physical state of mind of our primary school leavers is not so hard to detect. This is probably because they are eager and over excited about their move into new yet different territory. Read more

Importance of Communication Skills

importance of communication skills

Fink is in the news!

We love being featured in magazines, especially ones as lovely as Your Cotswold Family

The Power of Conversation and the Importance of Communication Skills

The importance of communication skills should never be underestimated as they help children’s confidence and families navigate challenging issues. We are delighted that Your Cotswold Family have featured us in their Winter Iss Read more

New Fink Reviews For Family Communication

I received 2 wonderful NEW testimonials this week that I just had to share with you.

The first was from ITV’s “This Morning” Parenting Expert Sue Atkins who shared how she felt that our NEW Healthy Relationship Cards for Couples should be available to all parents on the NHS.

The second was from writer, poet and Chairman of the Happy Soul Festival, Raficq Abdulla, MBE, who got in touch to share how his family had a great time using our Original Cards. Read more

What is a family talking moment?

Family CommunicationHere are Fink we talk a lot about what we call Talking Moments. But what exactly is a talking moment?

Talking moments are simply snippets of time in your day where you have an honest, open conversation with your children. A conversation that really has no purpose, is not aimed at getting them to do something, but instead is aimed at deepening your understanding of your child and your relationship with them. Read more

Impact of Family Communication

Family Communication ResearchI think we often underestimate how powerful family talking can be and the impact it can have. As we investigate here at Fink the benefits of talking, we find more and more research that just compounds what we already know – talking really matters.

Family Communication Research

Here is the most recent research I found, that totally blew me away, a study by Hart and Risley in New York. Read more

Getting Conversations Started in Your Family

Tips for Improving Family CommunicationWhen we tell most people that we get families talking, we sometimes here groans and moans and often people telling us they have no time to have real conversations, what with all the things to do.

Talking to your children does not have to be complicated. All you need to start the conversation is just ask a question; any spare minute will do. Read more

One in five kids embarrassed by ‘the birds and the bees’

One in five (20 per cent) Brits rate ‘sex talk’, including the mandatory birds and the bees chat, as their most embarrassing parental habit.

As the Easter holidays approach, many kids will be spending more time than usual around the folks, and for some this means having to endure the following top five embarrassing parental habits:

1. Sex talk – 20 %

2. Talking in youthful slang – 12 %

3. Asking personal questions in public – 12%

4. Waiting up for their child to return from a night out – 10 %

5. Getting the baby photos out to show visitors – 9 %

The survey by Paramount Home Entertainment, to coincide with the DVD release of Meet the Parents –Little Fockers, also reveals that over half (55 per cent) of British parents admit to regularly using Facebook to snoop on their child.

Are you a Parent worried about having to have the sex talk our cards may help.

I will be having a much wider discussion on snooping in this month’s think tank. If you want to be part of it and join in then sign up here.

Help! I think my daughter may be gay

Dear Sarah,

communicating with children and how to improve communication skills, My daughter is 16 and has never had a boyfriend. Her female friend stays over regularly and last weekend I went into her bedroom early in the morning to find them cuddled up together in the same bed. My daughter shouted at me to get out, and has avoided me ever since. I want to tell her that I will love her no matter what, but she seems too embarrassed to talk to me and I don’t want to make it worse. How can I broach the subject? Read more

Tips for dealing with bad behaviour in teenagers

How to get through the Teen Years.

communicating with children and how to improve communication skills, 			The teenage years have become linked intrinsically to bad behaviour and appalling attitude, and the stereotypical images we see on TV do not help. But are they really that bad?

Well, the answer is yes, they can be and no, not if you don’t allow it.

1. Enough is enough ! Read more

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