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Family Communication – Top Tip

Family Communication have you got it sorted?

Most families will tell me that they their family has no trouble communicating. But do you really?

What most parents mean when they say that is “I talk a lot and my child listens” .  Is that really communication?

In my mind all communication should serve a purpose.

It will either

1.    Move an event/situation forward.

2.    Allow you to find out some information that you need.

3.    Allow you to move closer to your child and increase that relationship.

Most of the time Family Communication is just words often with no purpose at all. We ask a question out of habit not really listening to or wanting to hear the answer. Most communication does not connect us with those that matter and does not move anything forward.

So before you speak be honest are the words really necessary, do they serve a purpose? If not don’t speak! Try listening instead.

Break the cycel in your home with our family communication cards.

What is a family talking moment?

Here are Fink we talk a lot about what we call Talking Moments. But what exactly is a talking moment?

family communicationTalking moments are simply snippets of time in your day where you have an honest, open conversation with your children. A conversation that really has no purpose, is not aimed at getting them to do something, but instead is aimed at deepening your understanding of your child and your relationship with them. Read more

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