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Help Your Child Develop Confidence – New Cards

How to develop confidence

How to develop confidenceHelp Your Child Develop Confidence

I am so delighted to announce that we are publishing a new pack of cards to help children develop confidence.

Confidence affects all areas of our lives from work to relationships to health. If we help children be confident we are giving them an important tool and a great start in life.

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Do we stifle our children’s creativity through fear and perfectionism?

How Parents get in the way

As some of you may know, Freya has started doing her own web shows. Really, they are just Freya ranting to the camera and showing off. They are not very good or entertaining, but she is very proud of them. She has done 5 of them now and has some fans and even has some people sending requests in for her to do things.

However what has shocked me is other people’s reactions to me letting her do this. It is only at times like these that I realise how different I am.

I know Freya inside out; I know she is an inventor and a perfomer and I know that she is creative. She speaks her mind and she gets bored easily. My approach to everything Freya does is to allow her her freedom to do what she wants and not interfere, unless I really need to.

In her last web show Freya wore a skirt and happened to do a few cart wheels. The feedback was phenomenal – suddenly I was opening my child up to paedophiles! I was stunned and not only that, I needed to pull the show as it was so bad.

OK, firstly I control both of Freya’s accounts and no one can get to her. If a paedohile watches it then he watches it; should I stifle her expression and creativity through fear? I think not! Secondly, is it up to Freya to figure out that her show is not good and either ask for help or stop doing it.

What kind of Mum would I be if I stood in and told her that her work was unsatisfactory? I’ll leave that for school…

Does this helicopter-type viewing not take away a child’s innocence? As I write this I wonder how many parents would not be as free as I am; how many do not give their children the freedom to make their own mistakes? How many step in when really they need to stay out? How does media hype and the fear of something not being perfect or maybe, God forbid, making the parents look bad, stop us allowing our children to just be children?

As for the web show, it is bad, it is crazy and half the time, who knows what she is on about? However, I will continue to let Freya be her crazy free self until she decides maybe it is not a good idea anymore.

See Freya and her strange antics

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