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One Punch Murder

One Punch Murder

One Punch Murder is something I knew very little about until I met Sarah Murphy. I learnt that on the 21st August 2011 her brother was killed in a sudden, unprovoked attack.

Sarah explained that people killed by the impact of just one punch was not as uncommon as I thought. She told me how her brothers death had impacted her and her family. It is a meeting I will never forget. Murder is a painful and difficult topic.

Sarah went onto write Talking About Trauma, a resource to help people discuss ways to move forward after experiencing a traumatic event. Working with Sarah has opened my eyes to One Punch Murder and the pain families suffer.

Recently Sarah posted a link to a TEDX talk by Jamie Denyer.

Jamie’s nephew, Connor Saunders was killed by One Punch and I have got to be honest, I did not make it far into this film before I cried. As the mother of a 19 year old son myself I could not help myself.

Jamie talks about grief, care, compassion, forgiveness, about forgetting materialism, human connection and family. He talks about the justice system, and what it is like to find yourself in court eye to eye with the person who had murdered someone you love.

This video is about suffering and loss but it is also inspiring. Jamie shares honest reminders about what is really important in life. He explains that as an organ donor 7 people’s lives have been saved following Connors death.

This isn’t easy to watch but we need to share Connors story. Young people need to hear this. 

If you are a teacher, youth worker or parent please talk to young people about One Punch Murder.

You can reach Jamie at www.connorshelpinghand.com and on twitter @griefpreacher





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