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Co Parenting After Divorce with Sue Atkins

Co Parenting

Me and Sue Atkins jumped on Twitter today for an impromptu #finkchat to talk about the launch of Co Parenting After Divorce

It was great to speak to Sue, she is so generous with her time and has plenty of great resources on her web site.  Read more

Co Parenting After Divorce – NEW PRODUCT

Co Parenting After Divorce

This week we are launching a NEW pack of Conversation Cards

Co Parenting After Divorce will help divorced and separated parents


  • communicate more effectively
  • bring up children free from anger and resentment
  • put aside differences and focus on raising children to be happy, confident and resilient 

Read more

Divorce #Finkchat with Chris Longbottom

Last Tuesday Chris Longbottom from ShooSmiths joined us on Twitter to answer your legal questions about Divorce. It was an excellent conversation and Chris worked hard to get through as many questions as possible.

Many of the questions were provided by @singleparentsup and we also had some great input from @essexmediation and @sueatkins

Chris is writing a pack of Fink Cards to help people have great conversations about the legal aspect of Divorce. The cards will launch next month.



Getting Emotional

Fink Conversation CardsI love making Fink Cards.

I love meeting the authors, finding out about their passion, their purpose and the conversations they want to start.

I love working with the authors, creating, shaping, crafting, coaxing the best questions.

I love the production process, working with our designers and printers.

I love spreading the word, speaking to bloggers, publications, creating leaflets, designing shop listings.

But most of all, I love it when I put the finished pack of cards in the hands of the author for the very first time. Read more

Pre Order Talking To Children About Divorce

Talking To Children About Divorce_Box Design_PROOFPositive Conversations About Divorce

Launching on the 17th March, Talking to Children About Divorce is now available to Pre Order.

There is an added bonus of 10% discount on orders taken before we launch. 

For children, divorce  can be a stressful, sad and confusing time. At any age, children may feel uncertain or angry at the prospect of Mum and Dad splitting up. Talking To Children About Divorce can be used at home and at school to start conversations about the changes that children and families face when going through a divorce.

48 conversations cards to help children and families

  • explore & express their feelings
  • develop the skills to better manage the many changes they may face
  • keep the lines of communication open

Read more

Talking To Children About Divorce

Sue Atkins will publish two new conversation card decks to help children and families talk about Divorce.

Divorce and Children

Sue Atkins, an internationally recognised Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker & Author, will write a series of Fink Cards that can be used by parents, childminders, teachers and counsellors to keep the lines of communication open and help children to explore and express their feelings openly when their parents are going through a divorce.

I am delighted to be working with Sue to bring her unique insights into helping children and families cope with Divorce! Read more

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