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Autism #finkchat with Wendy Usher

Our #finkchat this week was with the lovely Wendy Usher from The Play Doctors talking about Autism and the two packs of cards Wendy has created with us – Let’s Talk Autism All About Me & Let’s Talk Autism All About Me and Others.

Wendy has over 30 years worth of experience of living and working with people on the autism spectrum. Wendy has also written 11 books and writes and delivers training courses across the whole of the UK.

As always it was lovely to discuss tips about visual boundaries and talking about dinner time tips. See below for a re-cap of what else we discussed!

Research – Why Autistic children are likely to be bullied

uom-logoStudy reveals factors why autistic children are likely to be bullied.


The study which involved 722 teachers and 119 parents. Dr Judith Hebron and Professor Neil Humphrey from The University of Manchester say

Older autistic children are more likely to be bullied than youngsters Read more

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