Author – Sal Mckeown

Sal McKeown, author of Dyslexia At Home

Sal McKeown is an award winning journalist and author. Having spent many years as a teacher and FE lecturer she now covers stories about disabilities, education and technology and has written for the Times Educational Supplement, the Guardian and SecEd magazine as well as many educational magazines and websites.

Her specialist area is dyslexia and her book How to Help your Dyslexic and Dyspraxic Child was her first foray into the parenting market. Before writing the book she spent many years talking to students and their families about dyslexia.

Her approach is founded on the belief that children with dyslexia are a misunderstood elite that functions in a different way from the average child. There is no other way to explain the number of high fliers with dyslexia from Richard Branson to Bill Gates, from John Lennon to Picasso. Just imagine the conversations they might have had.

Over the years she has heard about all sorts of unusual approaches from chiropractor treatments to sunflower oils but comes down firmly on the side of good relationships, good teaching and family support.

Sal is the author of Dyslexia at Home and Dyslexia at School.

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