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How do you Parent?

effective communication with children, parenting styles		Being the mother to four teenagers isn’t as bad as it sounds, sure we have our bad days but generally life in the Warner household is good!

To visitors our house may seem a little lively, there is the occasional flare up if someone has ‘borrowed’ something without asking, this is usually the girls and applies to a huge range of stuff including hairspray, belts, handbags and shoes – but generally our house is calm and we are all chilled out.

I don’t think this is luck or any exceptional skill on my behalf but I do think it’s a result of relaxed parenting!

Years ago when my first child, Naomi was just three years old I read a book called Do not Disturb by Deborah Jackson. The suggestion that I should relax, let my young child take risks and allow her to make mistakes was a revelation to me.

I read the book several times and put a lot of Deborah Jacksons ideas into practice. I think it is credit to this book that our house is full of confident young people who, on the whole, take responsibility for their actions. There is a genuine respect between us, which has been developed over the years and this helps enormously as we navigate the teen years.

It is more important now, than ever before that I need to remember to relax and let them make their own mistakes. It’s not easy at times – I am always there to offer encouragement, support and advice – but I wait, quietly in the background. The decisions they have made so far amaze me and I am so proud of the way they have handled various situations.

I believe that trying to protect or control our children’s environment is an impossible task – and one that will drive us insane trying. The only thing we can do is give our children the confidence and skills to deal with whatever comes their way and for this to happen we need to relax and trust our children!


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Lisa Warner

Founder at Fink Cards
Lisa Warner, one part of the Family Communication Duo, is an energetic and passionate ball of energy, whose excitement and enthusiasm know no bounds. Her drive and belief in doing the impossible has been rewarded when her mission to get families talking led her to found the incredibly successful Fink Cards and won her the title of Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Her contagious positive outlook regularly see her appearing on the radio, in newspapers and magazines where she will happily talk about the importance of good family communication. The entrepreneur, activist and energizer proudest achievement to date is creating a strong and happy marriage and raising 4 confident and sociable teenagers.

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