Co Parenting After Divorce – NEW PRODUCT

Co Parenting After Divorce

This week we are launching a NEW pack of Conversation Cards

Co Parenting After Divorce will help divorced and separated parents


  • communicate more effectively
  • bring up children free from anger and resentment
  • put aside differences and focus on raising children to be happy, confident and resilient 

A divorce or separation can be a difficult time for everyone, including your children and other family members. Although you are no longer together, you are still parents and it’s vital that you put aside your differences and focus on raising your children to be happy, confident & resilient, together, despite living apart.

Topics include Residence, Financial, School, Special Occasions, Activities, Medical and Wellbeing.

Co- parenting is NOT easy but it is worth it for the long term wellbeing of your children.

Written by Sue Atkins, an internationally recognised Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker and Mum. Sue is the author of many parenting books including  Amazon best seller, Parenting Made Easy and Raising Happy Children for Dummies. Sue regularly appears on TV and is a regular contributor on radio, her parenting articles are published all over the world.

This is part of a series of conversation cards around the subject of Divorce written by Sue, including Talking About Divorce, Questions Children Always Ask About Divorce and Talking About Divorce – Legal Conversations

All this week we will be focusing on Co Parenting After Divorce. Sue will be sharing tips and questions from the pack every day this week as well as joining us for a Facebook Q&A and #finkchat on Twitter.



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Lisa Warner

Founder at Fink Cards
Lisa Warner, one part of the Family Communication Duo, is an energetic and passionate ball of energy, whose excitement and enthusiasm know no bounds. Her drive and belief in doing the impossible has been rewarded when her mission to get families talking led her to found the incredibly successful Fink Cards and won her the title of Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Her contagious positive outlook regularly see her appearing on the radio, in newspapers and magazines where she will happily talk about the importance of good family communication. The entrepreneur, activist and energizer proudest achievement to date is creating a strong and happy marriage and raising 4 confident and sociable teenagers.

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