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Reading Matters Conference

Reading Matters

In case you weren’t aware Fink Cards teamed up with Reading Matters to create a set of cards to help improve literacy, build confidence, that are fun and easy to use and are suitable for all ages. The idea of these cards is to use the with individuals and groups to expand vocabulary and develop language and communication skills.

Reading Matters is a UK charity and they improve reading skills. They have a vision of the future in which all children and young people have the reading skills and confidence they need to get the most out of life and our mission is to help them to reach their potential by becoming confident and enthusiastic readers. They provide literacy support training to adults, young people, children, educational professionals and parents and carers, and manage networks of volunteer Reading Mentors and Reading Leaders in schools and other settings.

Reading is important because words – spoken and written –  are the building blocks of life. Reading develops our minds, our creativity and imagination and is how we gather new ideas and insights, gaining the knowledge and power to make our own decisions. Through reading we can go anywhere in the world and be whoever we want to be; the possibilities are endless.

This year I’ll be attending Reading Matters Conference which is called ‘Bringing Literacy to Life.’

The conference is aimed at head teachers, teachers and practitioners across the key stages, librarians and all those with an interest in developing the literacy skills of children and young people.

There is a great line up of confirmed speakers and workshops by a mixture of different people, myself included. The day will be chaired by Rachel Kelly, Chief Executive of Reading Matters.

reading matters conference set up

I’m so excited to share these Fink Cards with you and to get them out there into your hands!

Health, Well-being and Happiness for Young People

Brook Fink PublicationsNew Cards Coming Soon From Brook

We are pleased to announce that Brook, the leading sexual health charity for young people, will publish a new conversation card deck to help young people talk about Health, Well being and Happiness.

The cards are to be called My Life, My Way – Health, Wellbeing and Happiness Conversations with Young People will be written by Helen Corteen, head of Well being at Brook with support from Simon Blake, the Chief Executive.
Brook is the leading charity specialising in sexual health and well being, and have been working with young people on the issues that are important to them for them for more than 50 years. Their mission is to enable all young people to enjoy their sexuality without harm. Read more

Family Agreements

Coming to agreements when everyone wants something different.

 I took a couple of books with me on my holiday, and one that really blew me away was Edward de Bono’s Beautiful Mind.

The 6 hats principle blew my mind! It is a process of parallel thinking that has been developed by de Bono that provides an alternative to the ego and aggression of argument. Read more

Motivating Your Teenager.

Giving Your Child the X-Factor…..

effective communication with childrenWith the compulsive viewing of the X Factor back on our TV’s in the U.K. I thought I would share with you my tips for giving your child the “X Factor”.

1. To start the ball rolling, ask your teenager this simple question:

“ If money was no object and you could do whatever you wanted when you get older, what would it be?”  Read more

Parenting Teens – No.1 Mistake

What’s the number one mistake parents of teens make in terms of how they deal

how to improve communication skillswith their teenagers?

I recently answered some question for the msn site and while the shorter version made it the long expanded one did not so I thought I would share it here.

The number one mistake that parents make with their teenagers is not changing their parenting style with them.

Read more

Parenting Advice – Teens

What advice should parents of teens keep in mind during trying times?

Talking to Teens What is so important is not to forget your job as a parent at this time, which is to prepare them for life and help them to become a responsible member of society. Read more

What to do if your child is caught cheating.

Cheating at School

what to do if your child cheatsWhy are we so surprised when children cheat? Did we not all do it; if there is a quicker way to do something won’t we all give it a go? It is human nature to find a quicker way of doing something that uses less energy but gets the same results. Back in our cave days it made lots of sense for us to do this. However morally, it leaves us with an issue as parents. How do we get the point across about teaching without putting our children off trying things in a quicker more efficient way? Read more

Fink TV: Drugs and Teens

Fink TV : Talking Drugs and Teens


NOTE – This blog post was first posted on our old website. We are launching a new site and wanted to make sure that this content was easy to find.

Teens bring out the worst in you

Parenting brings up your stuff

Parenting teensIt was so funny the other day as I experienced the stark reality of most people’s view of young people. One of my pals, known her for ages, put out an innocent request on Facebook asking for parents of teens to get in touch because she wanted to discuss something. What she got back was amazing; most were wishing her the best, telling her how awful things were and it would get better, others giving her masses of advice on boundaries, etc. and I think there was even a few lock ‘em up ’til they’re 21 type of comments….I simply asked what was up and lets chat.  Read more

Teenage Diary: God, I hate Mum – She’s such a slapper!

how to improve communication skillsThis article in the Guardian had me in stitches!

Mature grownups look back at their teenage diary entries.

Fantastic reading, have a look at these snippets and head on over to the Guardian to read the full article.

Read more

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