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Talking about Trauma

Talking About Trauma

Sarah Murphy has launched Talking About Trauma. Which aims to help people affected by traumatic life changing events to start conversations with family, friends, trained professionals or others who have had similar shared experiences.

On the 21st August 2011, Sarah was working as a teacher, when her brother was killed in a sudden, unprovoked attack. Since then she has campaigned for victim’s rights and has collaborated with a number of high profile charities including such as Victim Support to highlight some of the many issues that victims face. Sarah no longer works as a teacher but uses her experience in education to give talks about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the devastating effect it has on victim’s lives. Sarah has since trained as a natural healthcare practitioner and writes widely about the subject of health.

The conversation’s these cards create offer the chance to open up about feelings and emotions memories surrounding a traumatic event in a safe, supportive environment to help you discover ways to move forward into the future by empowering you to speak about the impact the trauma has had upon your life.


Lisa Warner, director of Fink Cards said “I am delighted to be working with Sarah to bring her knowledge and experience to Fink, Talking about Trauma will be a valuable resource to support those struggling to move forward with being unable to talk about the trauma that has impacted them. I know that these cards will be unique but will be welcomed in the sector.” 

These card were published in July 2015 and are available from all good book shops and are available to order from

To find out more about Sarah, you can visit or alternatively visit her website



Parenting Impacted by Trauma

Parenting impacted by trauma

Parenting Impacted by Trauma


Jane Evans, of Channel 5’s My Violent Child, reveals how a stressful childhood can impact your parenting ability and your relationship with your child.

Parenting is the hardest thing most people do, it can be made harder if a parent grew up experiencing harsh parenting, domestic abuse or parental mental illness.

Jane Evans, who recently appeared on Channel 5’s, My Violent Child, offers an understanding of how childhood trauma can impact children and parenting and wants to raise awareness of how often trauma derails parenting and the parent-child relationship. Read more

Conversations about Loss and Change

On the Cards for Children: Conversations about Loss and Change

Child Bereavement UK publishes conversation cards to get children and young people talking about loss, change, death and grief.

Explaining Death to Children

The charity that supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child dies or is dying, or when a child faces bereavement, has launched a new series of question cards. The Conversations About Loss and Change cards are designed as a resource for schools to help start conversations around the often emotive subjects of loss and grief. The cards will enable pupils to explore their own feelings and to better understand and empathise with others. Read more

Sex and Relationships Is On The Cards For Young People

Sex and RelationshipsNEWS RELEASE


Talking About Sex and Relationships Is On The Cards For Young People

September 24, 2013 –Brook, the leading sexual health charity for young people, have published question cards to encourage conversation and discussion about sex, sexuality and relationships. Read more

New Financial Literacy Game Starts Important Money Conversations

Fink Cards are encouraging families to talk about money to help young people make sound financial decisions.

The game called Money Talks gets young people thinking about their current money situation and helps them consider their financial future. It provides an opportunity to explore different perspectives whilst contributing their own experience and opinions.

Seal Teaching Resources Read more

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