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Divorce Q&A with our Experts


Our second divorce Q&A, had a few technical problems this month, Lisa was travelling back from the Reading Matters Conference & Sue Atkins was also travelling back from an event, which meant that only Nicola & Chris were able to participate this month, but it was still a great information filled Q&A on divorce.

Make sure you follow us along on Facebook to keep updated on these weekly Q&A’s we have, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our next divorce Q&A in August!

Q&A with Jane Evans Talking Parenting Impacted by Trauma

Our Q&A this week was with Jane Evans talking about her Parenting Impacted by Trauma cards that released last week!

We last spoke to Jane at the beginning of June about her cards, this time we discussed questions from the cards and Jane talked more about why she picked these questions, why they are important and what significance these questions can make to people’s lives.

Jane’s cards released 24th June and are available here.

Review of Talking About Downs Syndrome Cards

unnamedI’m excited to share this lovely review with you all of Hayley Goleniowska’s Talking About Down’s Syndrome Conversations for New Parents by Caroline Playle.

Caroline Playle is a Mum to three children. One of whom has Down’s Syndrome. When Seb was born she was shocked to be told he had Down’s syndrome. She knew nothing about the condition, aside from outdated assumptions and stereotypes, and was full of unnecessary fear of what the future had in store for her family.

The reality could not be further from that vision. Caroline and her family lead a typical life together, facing the same joys, wonders, challenges and experiences as any family. Caroline started sharing snapshot’s of their lives together to show that Seb is a typical six year old who attends mainstream school, loves reading, football, chips and ice-cream and hates having his hair washed. Caroline shares that her son is a reflection of his family and upbringing, he is not a list of characteristics in a textbook and he is more like their family than anyone else with an extra chromosome 21 .


What I love instantly about these new Fink Cards is their simplicity. The bold, confident colours and clear font makes them very approachable.

When I was told my baby had Downs Syndrome I threw myself into researching the condition. It was utterly overwhelming, so much information to take in at the same time as becoming a new parent. These Fink cards are absolutely perfect, they are beautifully concise and the card format means they can be taken in small chunks and you choose when and what feelings you wish to explore as and when you feel ready to take on more information. Plus we all know that talking helps with coming to terms with an out of the blue diagnosis. These cards encourage talking in a really gentle way. I can imagine these being so useful at support groups of parents with new babies, getting to know one another and sharing their experiences.

Best of all these cards are about YOU, YOUR baby and YOUR feelings. They are not telling you what will or will not happen, they are not filling your thoughts with all sorts of scenarios that may never come to fruition and they are not limiting your child or your child’s ability. This for me is the genius part of the idea. These cards allow you to explore your thoughts whilst keeping the focus on you and your child and not anyone else with Down’s syndrome.

My biggest regret when I was told my son had an extra chromosome 21was wrongly seeing him as “Down’s syndrome” instead of seeing him as my son. These cards will go a long way to allowing parents to take on board how they are feeling and where they are heading without the unnecessary fear and pressure of a stereotypical idea of what they might otherwise have thought lay ahead. I have no doubt this resource will go a long way to making sure new parents facing a diagnosis don’t miss out on precious, early moment by fearing an outdated or unknown future.

A really fantastic resource for any new parents faced with a recent diagnosis, their families, and medical and health professionals. I have even found them useful in exploring my own feelings, 7 years down the line!

For more information about Caroline please visit her Blog or find her on Twitter and Facebook.



Divorce Q&A Special

If you missed it, last night on our Facebook page we held a special Divorce Q&A Special with a great mix of divorce specialists.

We had Sue Atkins from Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert, Nicola Ingram from Family Advisory Bureau, Chris Longbottom from Shoosmiths, Aleks Binder from Dads For Life and Nicky Booth from Single Parents Support.

There was a great selection of questions that were a mix of parental and legal concerns. The answers we received we’re really helpful and detailed.

The divorce Q&A was such a success that we plan to host one in July and August too.

See our recap below for all the information of check us out on Facebook.

#finkchat with Hayley Goleniowska

Wow, todays #finkchat with Hayley Goleniowska from @DownsSideUp was fast and fun. The hour flew by with such great speed it felt like minutes. What a vibrant, positive chat it was.

You can catch up on all the conversation here

#FinkChat with Sue Atkins

Parenting Impacted by Trauma

Parenting impacted by trauma

Parenting Impacted by Trauma


Jane Evans, of Channel 5’s My Violent Child, reveals how a stressful childhood can impact your parenting ability and your relationship with your child.

Parenting is the hardest thing most people do, it can be made harder if a parent grew up experiencing harsh parenting, domestic abuse or parental mental illness.

Jane Evans, who recently appeared on Channel 5’s, My Violent Child, offers an understanding of how childhood trauma can impact children and parenting and wants to raise awareness of how often trauma derails parenting and the parent-child relationship. Read more

Talking To Children About Divorce

Sue Atkins will publish two new conversation card decks to help children and families talk about Divorce.

Divorce and Children

Sue Atkins, an internationally recognised Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker & Author, will write a series of Fink Cards that can be used by parents, childminders, teachers and counsellors to keep the lines of communication open and help children to explore and express their feelings openly when their parents are going through a divorce.

I am delighted to be working with Sue to bring her unique insights into helping children and families cope with Divorce! Read more

Homework Help Survival Guide for Parents

homework helpAm I the only parent that hates homework?

I think I hated it almost as much as my children did (they have all left school now, thank goodness)

But it is a fact of life, kids have homework and if they don’t do it they get in trouble. I came across some tips on that will help parents survive homework hell. I recommend reading the full article here, as it has some other Back To School survival tips too. But for now, here is the round up on how to help your children with homework. Read more

Have you got a Back to School Sleep Routine?

sleep routineRecent studies has revealed just how important sleep and bedtime routines are for children’s development. Here is a round up of the research along with some great tips that parents.

Establishing a Routine

Establishing a bedtime routine is essential for children, especially during the school term.  Lack of sleep has been associated with depression, poor performance and low moods, but an established routine can have many positive effects. According to research presented at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies conference, a study showed that “having a regular bedtime was the most consistent predictor of positive developmental outcomes in four-year olds.” Read more

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