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Divorce Q&A Special

If you missed it, last night on our Facebook page we held a special Divorce Q&A Special with a great mix of divorce specialists.

We had Sue Atkins from Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert, Nicola Ingram from Family Advisory Bureau, Chris Longbottom from Shoosmiths, Aleks Binder from Dads For Life and Nicky Booth from Single Parents Support.

There was a great selection of questions that were a mix of parental and legal concerns. The answers we received we’re really helpful and detailed.

The divorce Q&A was such a success that we plan to host one in July and August too.

See our recap below for all the information of check us out on Facebook.

Teaching Money Games for Children

Teaching Money GamesWhen it comes to money, everyone needs to understand its importance in our everyday life, children should not be left out.

Teaching money to children imbibes a financial consciousness in them from an early age to make sure they are financially enlightened. The best time to start teaching them about money is around the age of 8 since children often start to receive allowances around this age.

Money Talk Games can come to the rescue when it comes to teaching children about the importance and management of money. Teaching money games to your children helps them understand the money management.

Money games can be used in the home and school by both parents and teachers to help children from 8 years and above to make the right financial decisions concerning saving and spending.

With Money Talks, children get to assess their current financial standing to enable them make informed financial decisions that will ensure a better financial future.

Financial Role Models

Talking about money helps children understand what it means to be financially literate. It’s good to talk about how they feel when they overspend. The way they think about money goes a long way to determine how much they have, and to understand that rich people may differ from poor people in the way they manage their money.

Ask questions about whether money is hard to earn and if it is easy to manage. People often find money is not hard to manage once they have the right tips, and neither is it hard to invest once they know the right places to invest their money.

Teaching all this to your kids would enable them understand the value and uniqueness of money and how to be prudent when they become adults. With Money Talks, you can share your experiences of managing money along with opportunities for children to share their thoughts and experiences.

Teaching Money Games also give parents and teachers opportunities to talk about supporting a charity or cause.  All this will help children realise the value of money and the role it plays in our lives.

communication cardsIf you want 48 great questions to get you started try Money Talks to

  • start conversations about money
  • understand their money preferences
  • develop the confidence to talk about money
  • develop the knowledge to make sound financial decisions
  • explore different perspectives

This edition of Fink Cards helps children and young people learn how to manage their current money situation and helps them consider their financial future.

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