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Taking a Break


Fink Cards Taking a Break

We’re taking a two week break with our social media chats, our twitter #finkchat & our Facebook Q&A.

We really enjoy doing our chat’s with our authors and even more so when other’s get involved, but we need a little break here at Fink Cards HQ and we’re very excited that when we come back we’ll be back on the 8th September on twitter with a #finkchat with Luke Jones on his release of his Healthy Habits cards.

We’re really looking forward to all the authors we have lined up in the next few months until Christmas and we’re already working on next years cards.

We can’t wait to share all the new release’s we have coming and we hope you can’t too!

Q&A on Healthy Habits with Luke Jones

Fink Cards Q&A with Luke Jones

Healthy Habits launches 8th September and here at Fink we were delighted to chat with Luke about how this came about, who the cards are for, who inspires and motivates him and of course we talked about the cards!


#finkchat with Luke Jones talking about Healthy Habits

Finkcards #finkchat with Luke Jones Healthy Habits

It should come as no surprise that this weeks chat’s are with Luke Jones discussing his soon to be released Healthy Habits cards. If you missed it here’s a our blog post announcing Luke’s upcoming Healthy Habits cards.

In our #finkchat this week we asked Luke some more questions about creating Healthy Habits and how he stays motivated and accountable and also what inspires him.

Joins us on Thursday at 7pm where we’ll continue our Q&A with Luke Jones on our Facebook page.

Q&A with Sue Atkins & Chris Longbottom

Finkcards - Talking about divorce legal conversations (2)

On Facebook this week we were joined by Sue Atkins and Chris Longbottom for our Q&A about Talking About Divorce Legal Conversations, which is our newest pack of cards to help people navigate the choppy waters of dealing with divorce.

Sue and Chris answered questions about how they came up with the cards, who they’re for, how to use them and they discussed the cards that are in the pack.

Talking About Divorce Legal Conversations is a great pack to help prepare you to talk to your lawyer and Sue and Chris give some great tips in their Q&A.


#finkchat with Sue Atkins and Chris Longbottom Talking about Divorce Legal Conversations

This week on Twitter we had Sue Atkins and Chris Longbottom discussing our newest pack of cards Talking About Divorce Legal Conversations.

Sue and Chris have both participated in other #finkchat’s and Q&A’s including our divorce specials we’ve had this summer, so it was really lovely that they teamed up to create these cards for people who are going through and about to go through a divorce.
Sue and Chris take the hard questions and the questions you need to ask, yourself, your family, your lawyer to help guide you through the divorce process.
You can find these cards and more about them in our shop here.
More on the #finkchat below:
Sue and Chris are our guests on Fink Cards Facebook page at 7pm on Thursday so make sure you stay tuned for that where they will continue discussing their cards.

#finkchat with Lisa Warner

#finkchat with Lisa Warner Fink Cards

This week on our #finkchat, I was the guest and my assistant asked me questions about Fink Cards.

It was so fun and a nice change to be the one answering the questions, instead of the one asking all the questions!

We talked about the future of Fink Cards, what cards and authors we have coming up over the next few months, what packs I’d love to create next year and my new project that’s launching in October!

See the recap below!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook for our Q&A on Divorce with Sue Atkins on Thursday 7-8pm GMT.

Autism #finkchat with Wendy Usher

Our #finkchat this week was with the lovely Wendy Usher from The Play Doctors talking about Autism and the two packs of cards Wendy has created with us – Let’s Talk Autism All About Me & Let’s Talk Autism All About Me and Others.

Wendy has over 30 years worth of experience of living and working with people on the autism spectrum. Wendy has also written 11 books and writes and delivers training courses across the whole of the UK.

As always it was lovely to discuss tips about visual boundaries and talking about dinner time tips. See below for a re-cap of what else we discussed!

Well being #finkchat with HSA

This week we had the pleasure of having Charlotte and Rob from HSA on our #finkchat talking about Well being and their Well being cards.

It was a really great chat talking about how to use the cards, why they’re great to have and who can use them. I personally think looking after your own Well being is extremely important and it was nice to be reminded how important it is by talking about these cards.

Here’s more from the chat:-

Healthy Habits #finkchat with Luke Jones

On Tuesday Luke Jones from Hero Health Room joined us on twitter to answer your questions on healthy habits and healthy eating following on from our Facebook Q&A with him last week. It was a brilliant chat with Luke, who tried to answer as many questions as he could.

Luke is writing a pack of Fink Cards to help people have great conversations about forming healthy habits & eating. Luke’s cards will launch in September.


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