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Talking about Divorce Legal Conversations

me clear headshotSue Atkins and Chris Longbottom have launched a new set of conversation cards, Talking about Divorce, Legal Conversations. The cards should be used as a tool to become empowered during this process and give you
confidence in taking the right legal advice and plan for a
divorce with minimal upset and financial impact.

Talking About Divorce, Legal Conversations is written by Sue Atkins and Chris Longbottom. Sue Atkins is an internationally recognised Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker & Author. Chris Longbottom is head of family law at Shoosmiths where he provides advice on complex financial cases, often involving business interests, trusts, foreign assets and pensions. Chris has extensive experience in a wide range of disputes involving children and also advises unmarried couples in relation to separation and cohabitation issues.

Sue and Chris say “[they] know that divorce can be an upsetting and emotional time and we hope that these cards help to reduce the unknown and worries that the you may have.”

There are many things to think about when you are going through a divorce. It’s likely to mean changes to where you’re going to live, as well as changes to your finances. This can be further complicated when children are involved and need to be cared for and supported. This is a huge time of transition, upheaval and change. One of the things you will need to consider is whether you want to have a lawyer to help with the divorce process. There are many ways of working with a lawyer and these questions are designed to help you navigate the legal process. They will help you to feel more prepared when you sit down to discuss your personal circumstances so the legal side of things runs smoothly.

Talking about Divorce, Legal Conversations will help you navigate the legal process with confidence. With 48 conversation cards that will help you understand the divorce process and make you feel more prepared when you discuss your personal circumstances. These thought provoking question cards that will guide you through the divorce process.

These cards were published in July 2015 and are available to order from saving 10% discount on the RRP £14.99 right now.

To find out more about Sue or Chris, you can visit or alternatively visit Sue’s website or Chris’ website

Divorce Q&A

Fink Cards Divorce Q&A

Our Facebook Q&A this week was a divorce special with our experts, answering your questions and giving some really great responses.

We had a great mixture of personal questions and information based questions. If you’re going through a divorce and have any questions, please get in touch to let us know what they may be as our experts enjoy answering your questions.

Our next Divorce Q&A is in September, keep your eyes peeled for that one!


Q&A with Sue Atkins & Chris Longbottom

Finkcards - Talking about divorce legal conversations (2)

On Facebook this week we were joined by Sue Atkins and Chris Longbottom for our Q&A about Talking About Divorce Legal Conversations, which is our newest pack of cards to help people navigate the choppy waters of dealing with divorce.

Sue and Chris answered questions about how they came up with the cards, who they’re for, how to use them and they discussed the cards that are in the pack.

Talking About Divorce Legal Conversations is a great pack to help prepare you to talk to your lawyer and Sue and Chris give some great tips in their Q&A.


#finkchat with Sue Atkins and Chris Longbottom Talking about Divorce Legal Conversations

This week on Twitter we had Sue Atkins and Chris Longbottom discussing our newest pack of cards Talking About Divorce Legal Conversations.

Sue and Chris have both participated in other #finkchat’s and Q&A’s including our divorce specials we’ve had this summer, so it was really lovely that they teamed up to create these cards for people who are going through and about to go through a divorce.
Sue and Chris take the hard questions and the questions you need to ask, yourself, your family, your lawyer to help guide you through the divorce process.
You can find these cards and more about them in our shop here.
More on the #finkchat below:
Sue and Chris are our guests on Fink Cards Facebook page at 7pm on Thursday so make sure you stay tuned for that where they will continue discussing their cards.

Divorce Q&A with our Experts


Our second divorce Q&A, had a few technical problems this month, Lisa was travelling back from the Reading Matters Conference & Sue Atkins was also travelling back from an event, which meant that only Nicola & Chris were able to participate this month, but it was still a great information filled Q&A on divorce.

Make sure you follow us along on Facebook to keep updated on these weekly Q&A’s we have, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our next divorce Q&A in August!

Divorce Q&A Special

If you missed it, last night on our Facebook page we held a special Divorce Q&A Special with a great mix of divorce specialists.

We had Sue Atkins from Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert, Nicola Ingram from Family Advisory Bureau, Chris Longbottom from Shoosmiths, Aleks Binder from Dads For Life and Nicky Booth from Single Parents Support.

There was a great selection of questions that were a mix of parental and legal concerns. The answers we received we’re really helpful and detailed.

The divorce Q&A was such a success that we plan to host one in July and August too.

See our recap below for all the information of check us out on Facebook.

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