about fink

how it all started – with conversation cards

Lisa Warner, founder of Fink and Fink's conversation cardsFink (Family Interaction Nurtures Kids) was founded in September 2008 by mother of 4, Lisa Warner. After Lisa created a simple conversation card game to stop her children arguing at mealtimes, the business was launched to help other families to start fun and engaging conversations in times of need.

Since then, Fink has grown to help families from around the world to engage in great conversations and to help children become more confident communicators.

Fink has gone on to provide a wide variety of question cards that have specifically been developed to support and help children and families in matters of health, education as well as every day situations in the home.

passion and belief

Although a lot of things have changed since Lisa made that first game for her children, one thing remains constant – her passion for conversation and the belief that improving the quality of communication, whether at home, at school or at work, will improve relationships and enhance quality of live.

It is Lisa’s mission to get people talking about the things that are really important.

award winning

Lisa and the Fink brand have received recognition when she won Female Entrepreneur of the Year at the O2X Awards and became the only UK finalist in the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. Fink has also been featured on TV and radio shows including, Chris Evan’s BBC Radio 2 show, Radio 4’s Women’s Hour and numerous magazine and newspaper articles including, She, Prima, Grazia and The Sunday Express. 

Thousands of people around the world have used Fink conversation cards to create fun, quality, positive conversations to improve and enhance their children’s conversational skills.

healthy conversations

Fink currently produces conversation cards for families, schools and organisations. In March 2013 Fink Cards launched a new health series designed a helping patients have great conversations with their doctor.


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