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Help Children Friendships
Fink cards are specially developed thought provoking question cards that have been designed to get people talking by creating great conversations. Fink cards start conversations at home, at school and at work.

Fink is absolutely passionate about conversation. It is our mission to get people talking about the things that really matter.

family conversations

Communication in the home can become stuck in a rut, with fink cards, fun and laughter is always guaranteed. Fink cards help to promote happy, healthy family communication that is beneficial to both children and parents. In addition to helping children become confident communicators we also start important conversations about family relationships and health.

education conversations

Speech, language and communication are central to everything we do in life and are vital for all children to reach their full potential. We can learn a lot from a great conversation. We support students to develop the confidence to ask questions and contribute their own views and opinions. 

health and social care conversations 

Being diagnosed with a critical or chronic medical condition or coping with a difficult social issue can impact every aspect of your life. It can be a worrying time but we believe there are important conversations to be had with your doctors, family and friends. Sometimes having quality conversations with your health professional isn’t easy, tt can be difficult to know what questions to ask, or you may feel that your question is silly or insignificant.  We have developed a range of question cards to help you start these important conversations.

work place conversations 

Improving the quality of communication in organisations improves productivity, effectiveness and the bottom of line but starting important conversations can be difficult because asking great questions takes practice. We have developed a range of question cards to help you start these important conversations.

Questions that start positive conversations to help you learn, grow, solve problems and build great relationships.

Our full range of fink cards can be viewed in the fink Store

Fink produce specifically developed conversation cards for families, schools and organisations.

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