fink cards start fun family conversations

Fink cards are specially developed thought provoking question cards that have been designed to get people talking by creating great conversations. Fink cards are brilliant fun and are great for engaging with children in a variety of situations – such as, difficult and stressful times when there is arguing around the dinner table; dealing with teens that are going through a ‘grunting’ stage; helping children to positively improve their confidence in communication skills; or simply helping children to better understand and to be understood by others.

Fink’s specially designed question cards start honest, fun conversations that will help you learn, grow, strengthen and build upon family relationships.

Fink is absolutely passionate about conversation. It is our mission to get people talking about the things that really matter.

fun conversations

Communication in the home can become stuck in a rut, with fink cards, fun and laughter is always guaranteed. Fink cards help to promote happy, healthy family communication that is beneficial to both children and parents.

quality conversations

Improving the quality of conversation in the home helps children become confident communicators and families to navigate tough times. Fink cards invoke quality conversations helping families to connect positively with one another.

positive conversations 

Fink cards have developed a range of question cards to help you start these important conversations. By promoting honest, fun and positive communication, fink cards help boost confidence, motivation and communication within families. 

Simple, honest questions that will start positive, fun family conversations that will help you learn, grow, connect and build relationships.

Our full range of fink cards can be viewed in the fink Store

Fink produce specifically developed conversation cards for families, schools and organisations.

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